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11 Best Books On Math Career/Publishing Recommended by Mathematician Naoki Saito

Naoki Saito, born in 1966, is a distinguished mathematician known for his contributions to applied mathematics and harmonic analysis.

Mathematics careers demand more than equations – navigating academia, mastering writing, and excelling require diverse skills.

Mathematician Naoki Saito, renowned for groundbreaking work, highlights 11 essential books.

From grad school to publishing success, these insights shape excellence in math and beyond. Explore Saito's recommended collection.

Affiliate Disclaimer: This post features Amazon affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you make a purchase through these links.

I. Stewart's book serves as a gentle companion for young mathematicians, offering advice, encouragement, and reflections on the world of mathematics. This insightful read provides a glimpse into the life of a mathematician and guides young minds on how to flourish in the field.

For those pursuing or holding a Ph.D. in mathematics, P. J. Feibelman's guide is an indispensable resource. Beyond the academic degree, this book provides practical insights into building a successful scientific career, addressing the challenges beyond academia.

F. Rosei and T. Johnston's book goes beyond the technicalities of mathematics to explore the holistic skills required for a thriving scientific career. From effective communication to problem-solving, this guide equips mathematicians with essential survival skills.

R. M. Reis's book is a roadmap for those aspiring to become educators and researchers. Covering aspects from teaching to academic research, this guide offers insights into the roles and responsibilities of a professor in the scientific community.

S. G. Krantz's guide is tailor-made for graduate students and early-career mathematicians. It addresses the challenges of graduate school and provides practical advice for a successful transition into the early stages of a mathematical career.

S. G. Krantz returns with a comprehensive guide that spans the entire journey of a mathematician's career. From navigating the tenure track to embracing the role of emeritus, this book provides valuable insights for every stage of a mathematician's professional life.

Publication is the cornerstone of academic success, and R. A. Day and B. Gastel's book is a guide to mastering this crucial skill. From crafting a compelling scientific paper to navigating the publishing process, this resource is essential for aspiring authors.

Clear and effective communication is paramount in mathematics. N. J. Higham's handbook equips mathematicians with the tools to express complex ideas with precision and clarity, enhancing their ability to communicate their research effectively.

Refine your mathematical writing skills with S. G. Krantz's primer. This book offers practical advice and examples to help mathematicians convey their ideas in a clear and concise manner, a skill essential for academic success.

In the realm of writing, style matters. "The Elements of Style" by Strunk and White is a timeless guide that distills essential principles of writing, helping mathematicians convey their ideas with elegance and grace.

Mastering scientific English is vital for clear communication. R. A. Day and N. Sakadusky's guide is a comprehensive resource that aids mathematicians and scientists in enhancing their writing and language skills.


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These 11 books recommended by mathematician Naoki Saito are a treasure trove of wisdom for individuals pursuing a career in mathematics.

From personal insights to practical advice, these resources equip aspiring mathematicians with the tools they need to navigate the complex landscape of academia, scientific communication, and career development.


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